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7/20/2012 | GSMA Mobile Business Briefing GameTanium™ coming to KT

7/19/2012 | Mobile Entertainment KT snips the ribbon on unlimited Android mobile games service

7/19/2012 | Telecom Paper KT, Exent launch mobile game service in Korea

7/13/2012 | The Verge Verizon partners with GameTanium to offer subscription-based Android gaming

7/13/2012 | Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital Verizon Presses Play on Subscription Game Service

7/13/2012 | Venturebeat Verizon Wireless adds GameTanium app subscription service

7/13/2012 | CIO Today Verizon Puts Its GameTamium Face On, Offering 150 On-Demand Titles

2/29/2012 | BetaNews Tiny, sugary sweet Linux PCs get eaten up

2/28/2012 | Engadget Exent's GameTanium Mobile launches for Android tabs

2/27/2012 | Laptop Magazine FXI Taking Preorders for Cotton Candy USB Computer, Bundling Polkast, Gaming

2/27/2012 | Android Guys Tata DOCOMO pairs with Exent and gives access to the best Android games for customers in India

2/27/2012 | RCR Wireless MWC 2012: Tata DoCoMo, Exent bring mobile gaming service to India

2/27/2012 | Gamasutra Gamasutra Games-on-demand service GameTanium adds Android tablet support

2/13/2012 | GSMA Mobile Business Briefing Exent: "We monetise fun"

1/28/2012 | The Game Fanatics ASUS Teams up with Exent for Premium Content for @Vibe Entertainment Platform

12/13/2011 | AOL Games Blog Social game makers to see 'massive layoffs' in 2012

10/21/2011 | Pocket Gamer PopCap, Glu and RealNetworks join Exent's all-you-can-play subscription platform GameTanium

10/19/2011 | AndroidGuys Exent Expands GameTanium Mobile for Android

9/12/2011| Connected Planet Exent inks unique video game deal with Korea Telecom

9/8/11 | VentureBeat Exent to launch games for Android set-top boxes

9/8/11 | Ubergizmo GameTanium arriving on set-top boxes

9/8/11 | Engadget Vestel, Extent bring Android games to TVs, with 'all-you-can-eat' subscription service

8/5/11 | Game Informer The News - 08.05.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

8/3/11 | Pocket Gamer SpongeBob, iCarly and Dora the Explorer come to GameTanium as Exent signs 30 game deal with Nickelodeon

7/19/11 | Phandroid GameTanium Introduces Android Users to Subscription Based All-You-Can-Eat Gaming

7/18/11 | Gamasutra Interview: Exent Unveils Subscription Game Distro For Android

7/18/11 | TechCrunch Exent Launches The First All-You-Can-Eat Subscription Service For Android Games

7/18/11 | GigaOm Subscription gaming service GameTanium launches on Android

7/18/11 | Digital Trends GameTanium offers Netflix-style subscription to Android games

7/18/11 | Appolicious GameTanium service lets Android users stream games to devices

7/18/11 | VentureBeat Exent launches all-you-can-eat mobile game subscription service

7/18/11 | Mobiledia Mobile Game Subscription Helps Carriers Gain App Business

7/18/11 | DroidGamers Exent finally launches Android's first subscription game market called Gametanium Mobile

5/25/11 | Games Brief What's the Lifetime Value of an Ad-Funded Gamer?

4/12/11 | MediaPost Googling Trivia Search Puzzle Reveals Casual Game Opportunities

1/25/11 | Android Central Gametanium bringing games-on-demand to Android

1/18/11 | Wired.Co.UkGameTanium offers subscription gaming on Android

1/12/11 | VentureBeat GameTanium games on demand service will debut on Android

1/12/11 Pocket Gamer GameTanium for Android offers unlimited on-demand gaming

10/5/10 | Gamezebo PC gaming on demand with Exent's GameTanium

8/23/10 | VentureBeat Verizon launches PC game portal with 1,800 games

8/23/10 | USA Today Verizon offers free trial of new on-demand games service

8/23/10 | GamerLive.TV Games-on-demand partner Exent has redesigned the Verizon Games service portal

8/22/10 | Los Angeles TimesVerizon makes play for PC gaming with subscription service

6/1/10 | Toys & Games Magazine Small Screen, Big Category

5/11/10 | Casual Gaming Biz INTERVIEW: Exent

5/5/10 | Games Brief Have games companies finally realised that audiences are more important than genres?