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Adding long tail revenue
streams to premium content

Exent’s highly programmed and customized games on demand services are distributed worldwide along with over 2,500 games, enabling publishers and developers to extend the life and revenues of their content.

Leading operators and device manufacturers have selected Exent’s GameTanium subscription service to differentiate their offerings and entertain millions of users with a premium, engaging all-you-can-play gaming experience. Exent’s ad-supported technology and monetization model enable players to enjoy full unlimited versions of the world’s top casual games, further extending the content life cycle and ARPU. Our ad-supported services are distributed via freeridegames.com - one of the highest revenue generating game sites worldwide - and their affliates.

Calling all games

Games for Android, Win8, and PC

Exent is now licensing quality games for Android, Win8,and PC platforms. If you are interested in worldwide distribution foryour game, please email us for more details.