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GameTanium is a turnkey, fully managed, Game Subscription Service for operators. The service provides
a premium, mass market gaming experience, designed to effectively differentiate the operators' offering
and engage their users, resulting in greater user loyalty and increased ARPU.

GameTanium Mobile

A better way to play.

Exent's GameTanium subscription service offers all-you-can-play access to the best Android games on Smartphones, Tablets and TVs; a fully managed service built specifically for operators and device manufacturers to increase engagement and ARPU.
Features include
  • Highly entertaining game experiences that increase ARPU, loyalty, and engagement
  • 400+ premium games for smartphones and tablets, new games added every week
  • Certified safe, family-friendly and secure
  • Engaging social features encourage sharing
  • Unlimited subscription packages billed through the carrier’s billing
  • Turnkey, fully managed, localized services

Mobile gaming
just got BIGGER

GameTanium delivers a revolutionary gaming experience to the TV, turning your mobile device to a powerful portable console. Games run on the phone and are displayed on the TV, while using your mobile device as the game controller. GameTanium for TV enables a diverse catalog of hit Android games for the big screen, so you get the bestest, most intuitive gaming experience possible.

GameTanium cross-platform

Freedom to play

GameTanium services allow mobile operators, device
manufacturers, telcos and others to provide their customers with a
rich in-home and on-the-go entertainment experiences. Users are
offered a premium All-You-Can-Play entertainment experience with
unlimited access to the best games on mobile, PC and TV, allowing
them to easily explore, discover, download and play as many
games as they like from GameTanium’s quality catalog.