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Exent's GameTanium Scores High Marks from its Verizon Wireless Users

Customers love GameTanium and keep coming back for more

New York – Feb. 26, 2013Exent, the world’s largest mobile and PC games subscription service provider, today celebrated the six-month anniversary of the GameTanium™ Android service on Verizon Wireless by releasing the results of its recent customer satisfaction survey. GameTanium offers Verizon Wireless Android customers access to unlimited game play of hundreds of the hottest games on Android, from more than 90 publishers and developers worldwide. The response to GameTanium has been overwhelmingly positive with nearly 2/3 of customers rating the service as either “good” or “excellent.” The top two reasons given for the high marks are the fact that GameTanium has the hottest games on the market and that the service also introduces players to fun new games that they hadn’t heard of before.

GameTanium launched on the Android platform for Verizon Wireless customers in July 2012. The service offers a free three-day trial period, during which Verizon Wireless customers can try out the service and full catalog of games. Subscribers may upgrade to a paid subscription at any time and frequently, that’s exactly what happens as 1 in 4 users of the trial become paying subscribers. The GameTanium platform and its extensive catalog of top-rated games have proven to be a compelling entertainment experience for Verizon Wireless subscribers.

Over the past six months, the GameTanium game catalog has grown significantly, with new games added every week including recent additions such as Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD and Jewel Quest® Mysteries: The Seventh Gate. Since its launch, virtually every game in the GameTanium catalog has been played and some of the top games have been Plants Vs. Zombies, Chuzzle, GT Solitaire, and Fruit Ninja.

When asked about what they like best about GameTanium, users responded by saying, “[It’s a] great app [and] better than buying games one at a time” and “I have been able to find games that appeal to both me and my girls. Now if only you had a game that involved trains for my son!” The number one response from GameTanium subscribers, however, was simply, “I love it!”

“We knew GameTanium is a great app and has tremendous value but the strong customer response has surprised even us,” said Zvi Levgoren, founder and chief executive officer of Exent. “In GameTanium, we have focused on curating the world’s best mobile games and making them easy to discover on the world’s best mobile gaming service. Our attention to the details of the total customer experience – from trial to ongoing subscriber and beyond – has set GameTanium apart and resulted in our strong, engaged fan base.”

GameTanium is available at mobile.vzw.com/games and gametanium.com/Verizon and as part of the six-month anniversary, is now available for $4.99/month.

About Exent
Exent is the world's leading mobile and PC game service provider, enabling operators and OEM partners to deliver thousands of premium games to users through all-you-can-play subscription and free ad-supported offerings. Exent's ability to increase consumer engagement and raise ARPU has led large operators and OEMs such as Verizon, AIS, Korea Telecom, Telmex, CenturyLink, Lenovo, ASUS and others to select Exent as the provider of their game services. For further information please visit www.exent.com.

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